Mozdex Life Insurance Group - Review ImageIt seems that if people need to buy life insurance, these days they immediately turn to the internet, but knowing where to go from them can be confusing. Some people will visit the websites directly for the Life Insurance Companies they are familiar with, such as MetLife and Prudential. They should know they could do it in a much more efficient manner if they went to one online brokerage and simply purchased the coverage they wanted from any carrier.

When turning to an online agency, many people have stumbled upon This may be by chance of finding them in search engines, or because they recognized their Emmy Winning Spokeswoman Suze Orman. The beauty of working with is that the agency actually represents 11 different insurance companies.

The 11 insurance companies on the agency’s roster are Pruco Life, ReliaStar, Transamerica, United of Omaha, William Penn, American General, Banner Life, Genworth, Globe Life, and Protective Life. They do not represent other carriers you may be familiar with such as AARP life insurance and New York Life. With so much competition, people who work with Select Quote Insurance Services are relatively well-known in the insurance industry, and they are the opportunity to find life insurance for very low prices. These insurance companies know that they need to offer the best quotes for the most coverage so that their insurance products will be more attractive than the next company’s products.

Another advantage to working with Select Quote is the convenience. People could take the above list of 11 companies and call them all one by one, but this would be extremely time-consuming. is an extremely technologically savvy company that uses the Internet and the telephone to help people find the insurance products they need without requiring that their clients meet them in their offices. This saves people time as well as gas.

The Disadvantages of

Now that the advantages of are clearly known, what are the disadvantages? Unfortunately, there are a few negatives that may make people pause before they seek their life insurance coverage from It’s true that having 11 different insurance companies to choose from will increase an applicant’s chances of finding the lowest prices, but this tends to be the case only for those in the best of health. Those who have medical issues such as hypertension, for example, will need a larger pool of insurance companies to increase their odds of finding life insurance for a good price. employs a large group of agents in its call center, and they are highly skilled and carefully trained people. These features are positive, but the negative is the fact that these agents have quotas they need to meet. This means that these agents need to put an emphasis on selling so that they can earn enough in commissions each month to pay their bills. Because of this, they will not be able to spend any time with their clients after they purchase the policy.

Some people need their insurance agents to be proactive with them because after they purchase their policies, they set aside the documents and forget about them. These policyholders may need to increase their coverage because they have another child, or they may need to decrease the coverage because they completed paying their mortgages. If they do not have an insurance agent who can check up on them every year in order to make adjustments, these policyholders may be overinsured and paying too much for their coverage.

The agents at will do their due diligence to find an insurance policy for their clients. After all, they have a quota to meet, but this can mean that they place a great deal of pressure on their clients to accept the policies they find for them. Another important fact is that these agents are not quoting accurate prices because they are required to make sales as quickly as possible. They do this by quoting attractive prices early on without asking as many questions as they need to in order to obtain the most accurate quote.

The Advantages of Smaller Independent Agencies

Working with independent insurance agencies can be a very good way to find the right life insurance products, but doing so through a smaller agency may be more advantageous to the purchaser. is the smaller insurance agency that directly addresses the negative issues associated with The agents with prematurely offer quotes, but the agents with offer more accurate quotes because they take the time to ask health-related questions.

As was mentioned above, the emphasis is placed on selling policies at rather than helping the client. The fact that is a smaller agency allows them to spend much more time with their clients one-on-one, and this means that the agents help their clients fill out their applications, set up their appointments for their free medical examinations and perform all the follow-up duties in a timely manner. These actions ensure that those approved for a policy can purchase the coverage as quickly as possible.

If people have to choose between and, they may find that Mozdex will be a better choice especially if they have high risk health issues. Their agents will be able to do more than just find them a life insurance product, and will have the time to get to know them.

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