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Mozdex Life Insurance Group - Life Insurance for Heart Patients ImageA term life insurance policy is designed to cover an individual for a defined period of time. The average term for this type of life insurance is typically around 20 years although individuals can obtain it for more or less years depending on their needs. It is designed to provide financial protection to the family and loved ones of the insured individual should death occur within the time of protection. Term life insurance is particularly attractive to individuals with partners and young children who depend on them for financial support. Burial costs and reduced income can be overwhelming for families who are left behind. Taking out a life insurance policy can help to avoid any potential hardships that may occur in the event of the insured’s death.

People who are considered healthy with no pre-existing conditions can get an inexpensive life insurance rate from several different companies; however, individuals with medical conditions may find it more difficult to find a company who will offer affordable rates on their policy. Policy rates can depend on many factors such as age (rates vary from 40- 45 year olds, and 50-65) the severity of the condition and if the condition is being properly treated. Honesty is important when applying for life insurance. Neglecting to disclose any health information that may be fundamental to obtaining life insurance can lead to immediate denial or termination of the policy.Those with medical conditions can also explore no medical term insurance as a possibility. Though they are typically more expensive than a standard term policy for those without pre-existing conditions, for people with medical problems sometimes it is the only way to find coverage.

Heart patients are more likely to obtain standard or basic rates rather than preferred life insurance rates. Individuals who suffer from heart problems have a higher chance of getting an insurance policy at a more affordable rate by shopping around. Companies do look at whether you also have other high risk health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Or whether or not you are a disabled person, who is currently receiving disability payments. Not all companies are willing to extend a policy to heart patients; however, there are many that will. Heart patients may find it easier to obtain an affordable policy rate after waiting a significant amount of time after developing the condition.

Waiting to apply can save a substantial amount of money for individuals with heart conditions. The potential insurer will take into consideration how well the condition is being treated. They will also consider whether the heart patient is currently under a treatment plan and how well it is working for them. In addition, they are interested in whether the patient is seeing their physician routinely and taking all possible steps to improve their condition and their health. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that all their medical records contain specific information about any improvements to their health. Insurance underwriters take into account the cause of your condition. Whether you are suffering from heart conditions as a direct link to type 1 or type 2 diabetes, or if it was a hereditary disease. This can help to encourage the insurance underwriter to offer the best possible rates that may be available.

Comparison shopping can help an individual find the best rates that may be available to them. The first step in the application process is to determine how much coverage is needed and for how long. Keep in mind that the premium is based upon health factors as well as the desired coverage options and will increase accordingly. If insurance providers consider you to be a high risk individual they will charge more in premiums. Term life insurance is significantly cheaper than other types of insurance and the premium is set for the entire term. This means that rates will never increase. The death benefit is also guaranteed to remain level during the entire term. Many companies offer the ability to continue coverage after the end of the term for a higher premium rate.

Taking steps to prevent future problems can increase the chances of getting a lower insurance premium. Individuals that smoke, suffer from obesity or live sedentary lifestyles have a higher chance of denial or being offered a significantly higher premium than those who don’t. This is due to the fact these unhealthy lifestyle choices can be directly related to certain medical conditions. For example, many obsese people are diagnosed with sleep apnea, diabetes, and other conditions. On an obvious note, many types of cancers have been directly related to smoking. Individuals who provide insurance companies with evidence of proactive healthcare will have a better chance of proving that they are a risk worth taking. These people often have the ability to request a re-evaluation after obtaining insurance with a company to lower their rates. Many companies are willing to review a case to determine if a lower premium is available.

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