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Mozdex Life Insurance Group - Determine Your Health Class Rating ImageA professional insurance representative will consult with you and help you determine a precise rate class.

Your premium payment for a life insurance policy is determined by your health class rating. Rate classifications are as followed, preferred,preferred plus,standard(regular),standard plus (or regular plus), and then a “rated” health class. The rated health has many different tables. To determine which table rating you will be placed in you need to consult with a life insurance agent for an accurate quote.

The Chart below provides detailed requirements to assist you in defining your appropriate health class rating. Typically each requirement must be accurate in order to qualify for the defined health class.


If you are being treated for any medical conditions past or present the chart below shows the appropriate health class for all common conditions. If you are looking for life insurance for a disabled person we recommend you contact an agent directly to see if you qualify for a standard term policy,

health conditions to effect rates

It is wise to educate yourself before you begin the shopping process. Having a good understanding of the qualifications for each health class will make comparing rates a breeze. I do warn you, these ratings are not binding and subject to change based on other criteria. For example, though your health will qualify you for a specific health class you may drop in health class or be charged an additional flat rate based on other factors, such as whether or not you are a pilot or scuba diver. As you can see depression is listed twice. If you are currently being treated or had been treated in the past for situational depression you will still qualify for preferred ratings. Situational depression can be triggered by sudden change or trauma and does not typically last long. Because of its short lived nature, insurance providers recognize their are not much long term risks associated with it and the symptoms tend to disappear in time once you have adjusted. However life insurance for depression (major or on-going) would be more expensive since the best rate you would qualify for is regular or standard. Use only as a guide. I share this information with my clients as I believe in complete transparency. There are no gimmicks here. Unlike other companies, I will not mislead you in any way. If you have received a better quote from a competitor, such as SelectQuote, please share it with me. I advocate for all my clients and always fight to get you the best rates available.

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